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Whether spread across hundreds of pages of prose, or distilled into three verses and a chorus, Rob Ritchie is a storyteller.  His four literary novels have been read and mused over by fiction aficionados and book clubs alike.


Rob is also keen to share his talents with other wordsmiths, and is a regular writing instructor at a number of writing classes and events including the North of 45 Retreat for Writers, Word Compass  as well as his own Mind’s Eye Writers’ Weekends.


But the written word has to make room for his other passion.  Music.


Rob has also been a contributing songwriter and keyboardist for the touring roots/rock band RPR, the folk/roots group Tanglefoot (Borealis Records), He plays with the Josh Ritchie Band and Roadhouse cover band Midnight Blue.   He has worked regularly as a commissioned composer for the Wiarton Concert Choir, and back in 2004, released his first solo CD Five O'Clock Shadow.

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