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Having often walked the beaches of Southampton and Sauble, I felt at home in his fictional Lake Huron town Pyette Beach where the main character Erin unexpectedly finds herself seeking momentary refuge…


However, I could have been in an ice fishing hut in Siberia and still connected with the descriptive prose of this novel in which water becomes an “integral component” of Erins’ quest to escape not just a loveless marriage but a “story-less life,” fearful that at the end of it all she would be thinking, “this is it?” That’s not a unique story, but Ritchie’s exploration of the subject, and the characters he builds to tell it are.


~Christopher Thomas 

former Artistic Director of the Meaford International Film Festival and retired CBC Radio & TV Host/Producer 

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Between the Sand and the Sea


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From the back cover:

Erin Leith was a 44-year-old schoolteacher restless in the fear that she had led a story-less life. However, for a few hot and hazy summer weeks on a Lake Huron beach, just a short drive from her everyday life, all that was about to change. Between the Sand and the Sea is one woman’s search for belonging, and the vulnerable dance of revealing and concealing one’s self that inevitably befalls that pursuit.


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