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A Song With No Words

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In a Company of Fiddlers

A young music major falls madly in love with a Jewish student in the 1950s, but parents and mentors conspire to end the affair.


She goes on to be a world-renowned opera singer leaving such an impassioned mark on her audience that her interpretations become a standard by which all other performances will be measured ...


He ends up homeless on the streets


Something is wrong with Christopher Lucan.  At the height of his career, the musician’s songwriting, always so fresh and profound, now seems incomplete and confusing.  Furthermore his performances on stage have suddenly deteriorated with wrong notes, jumbled song introductions, and out-of-tune singing. 


A Song With No Words follows the descending chronology of a folk singer’s final tour from the contrasting vantage points of each of his band mates, leading the reader from the congenial surroundings of concert halls, and coffeehouses to a much darker world that had been lurking unexpected in the shadows of each and every show.

“… a riveting thriller that not only deals with the central character’s personal pain but the organized pain inflicted on the innocent while the rest of us turn away.”

~Christopher Thomas, Former Host and Producer CBC

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Orphans of Winter

Sport has always had its fanatics, but never like this.  A retired hockey player is convinced he’s been chosen to warn the world of an imminent catastrophe.


It’s Field of Dreams meets The Seventh Sign

Short-listed for the 2007 Re-Lit Awards

Film Option Reserved 2008-2012:  Jason Priestley/The Agency

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